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Fostering the next generation of life-long critical thinkers and global changemakers.  

The Experience

At YourFuture we believe the foundation of learning is centered around relationships. This is why all sessions involve online face-to-face interactions led by our award-winning certified educators - who we call Experience Facilitators. Daily, students participate in interdisciplinary projects with peers through collaborative tasks, questioning, and critical thinking. Our students will develop core competencies that will equip them to solve world problems we face today and in the future.


At YourFuture our guiding principles help build confidence, apply creativity, and build a robust skillset while having FUN!


Allows students to express their interests and have choices.

Competency Development

Understand, explore, and apply core competencies that will impact their future world. 


Mental, social-emotional and physically stimulating.


Connecting with current world topics, with peers, and with the student's own space

Some of our Experience Facilitators 

To define a new standard for online learning we pulled from the world's best educators with a proven track record of creating student-centered authentic experiences and have spent the last 10+ years integrating technology in their classrooms. Our Teachers (we like to call them Experience Facilitators) are award-winning with digital certifications and years of experience not only creating rich digital learning experiences for students, but they are so good they often get asked to run workshops and keynote talks to inspire and help other educators all across the globe. Rest assured, you have the world's best working with your child.

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Mr. Donnie has been an exemplary elementary teacher for 14 years and has his B.A. in Theology and a master’s in Education. His passion for the future of education has him constantly seeking new and innovative ways to incorporate technology across the curriculum in order to increase student learning and engagement. 

He has numerous awards and certifications including Google for Education Certified Innovator, National Geographic Certified Educator, Apple Certified Teacher, lead for the Google Earth Education Experts in North America to name a few. Recently nominated as teacher of the year for his state. 



Amy is a grade 6 teacher at a middle school in Ontario, Canada. She has been teaching for 20 years with a wide variety of experiences. Amy is a Google Certified Trainer and has a Master's degree in Educational Technology. She enjoys integrating technology into everyday teaching and learning in a way that engages students and gives them ownership over their learning.  Amy has worked as an Instructional coach mentoring teachers in areas of 

curriculum, technology, digital competencies, robotics, and inquiry-based learning. She has also presented at various conferences, CONNECT, Peel’s Modern Learning summer conference, York Region’s Ed Tech Camp as well as NTIP conferences for new teachers. She also works with Nelson Education to develop and support educators with digital learning, teaching, and curating trusted resources. 



Mr. Nick is a passionate educator with over a dozen years of diverse teaching experiences; teaching in K-12 and special education. He has a B.A in Political Science and  Economic Philosophy and a Masters of Arts in Special Education and a  Masters of Technology  and Innovation from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.  

He has provided professional development for a recognized Digital Educators Alliance and was named Public Schools’ Tech Innovator of the Year in 2016 (major US city). He continues to search for new ways to provide constructionist learning experiences while ensuring that they are accessible to learners of all ability levels.

What are parents saying?

Smiling Girl

Mother of 7  year old

It was an incredible experience!
They [students] constructed, expressed themselves, imagined, worked in groups, did physical activity breaks, and....we traveled to Mars.
We made new friends from around the world.
Do we really think that it's not possible to learn with technology?

Boy's Portrait

Father of 6 year old

At some point during this quarantine, my son lost his spark. Through collaborating with kids his age, interactive and fun projects, physical activity, and  mindful reflection, he has completely re-emerged. YourFuture is pushing the limits on education and we are  BOTH loving it. 

Two Friends with a Tablet

Father of 10/12 year old

I love that my kids are utilizing technology as a productivity and creation tool versus  just for gaming and social media.  Their overall digital literacy was heightened after just one week.   

Cute boy with Long Hair

Mother of 9 year old

While I was working, I heard him laughing and having a good time. Mr. Donnie  is a very good teacher.

Child on Tablet

Mother of 6 year old

|t was great. Making mistakes, learning from creating new knowledge, and collaboration. Overall, a great activity to promote 21st century, global competency, and deep learning.

Beautiful Girl

Mother of 11 year old

The course was awesome! She loved the breakouts, collaboration and working with other kids.


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